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Rotterdam Septic Systems Inc. ‚ÄčElectronic tank locating

Forgot or have never known where your septic tank is? Our electronic septic tank locating equipment can help us find your septic tank with out having to excavate your entire property. 

  • excavating

  • grading
  • site work
  • drainage work
  • sump pumps
  • sewer repair
  • water service
  • pool removal
  • catch basins
  • culverts
  • retaining walls
  • footings and foundations
  • drive ways

Excavating and site work services

Along with septic system work, Rotterdam Septic Systems can provide excavating and site work services for all types of projects. Throughout our 60 years of business we have completed excavating and site work projects for thousands of residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Contact us today and let our experience work for you. 

  • sewer lines

  • septic tank baffles
  • septic system distribution boxes
  • septic tank risers / septic tank manholes
  • effluent filters
  • effluent pumps
  • septic system design

  • septic tanks

  • leach fields
  • dry wells
  • sand mounds
  • modified raised beds
  • Wisconsin mounds
  • Eljen GSF Geotextile Sand Filter

Rotterdam Septic Systems Inc. installation / septic system repairs

If you are looking to simply have better access to your septic tank or you have a septic tank problem we can help. We provide septic tank installation, septic system repairs, and all aspects of septic tank maintenance.

Rotterdam Septic Systems Inc. inspections

A septic system is a very important part of a home. When not functioning correctly a septic system can be a huge burden on a home owner's quality of life and wallet. When purchasing a home it is highly recommended that a home buyer have a septic system inspection performed. A septic system inspection will check all the main components of the septic system, including the septic tank and the absorption area. Upon completion of the septic system inspection an official report will be made stating whether the septic system passes or fails. If the septic system happens to fail an estimate for replacement or for a small repair can be made for the client.

Rotterdam Septic Systems Inc. septic tank pumping

The easiest and most cost effective way for you to maximize the life of your septic system is to simply have the septic tank cleaned out periodically.  Waste will build up in the septic tank and if  it is not removed can go into the absorption area. If waste makes its way to the absorption area it can plug the soil, shortening the life of the absorption area. The time table for when a home should have its septic tank cleaned can very depending on size of septic tank, number of occupants, and the amounts of laundry and cooking that takes place.  We recommend on average that you have your septic tank cleaned about every two years.

Rotterdam Septic Systems can help you with all aspects of your septic system from simple septic tank cleaning to complete septic system installations...

Septic system Services